4th Grade Math

This year I learned how to do cross multiplication. My favorite part in math this year is multiplying one digit by two digit. My least favorite thing is anything to do to with fractions. My strength is long division and my weakness is fractions. I am  looking forward to algebra in 5th grade, although I also look forward to working with bigger numbers. I hope that I will be able to learn to multiply with numbers that go up to the thousands next year. I also hope that  I will learn to do division with two 2 digit numbers. I am very happy about what I’m going to learn in 5th grade.

The Rocket Larkspur

The Rocket Larkspurs scientific classification is Ranunculaceae and the Rocket Larkspur’s scientific name is Delphimium ajacis. This flower grows everywhere in Texas. The Rocket Larkspur is 3-4 feet and has flowers that can be pink, white, and deep blue. These flowers circle all around the stem. The Rocket Larkspur is an easy to grow garden favorite but be careful because if you eat the stem or any of the leaves you well be posioned. This  flowers blooming period is April – September.The Rocket Larkspurs germination is 15-30 days.

So Long 4th Grade

The most important thing I learned was how to write a proper story. This is important to me because I am going to be an author when I grow up. My favorite project was when we used wires and a battery to give energy to light bulb. I was most surprised when the teachers played a April fool joke on us. The thing I disliked was doing anything with fractions. I’m going to miss being a 4th grader.

My Name is Jordan

My name is Jordan.The name I should be called is Jordan because I’m me and there is no one like me! The animal that is inside me is a golden retriever because golden retrievers can be wild but know when to behave, like me! What’s inside my heart is love because I am a believer of Jesus Christ. The sound I like is people getting along. The sound I dislike is people fighting. The smell I love is freshly baked cookies. The smell I don’t love is smoke. I love to touch fencing gear. I don’t love to touch things with slime on them. I love the taste of cookies.The taste I don’t love is my veggies. Something I like to look is my family. I don’t like to see blood or people getting hurt. My favorite memory is family time. My favorite thing in the whole world is my family.